About Me

I’m a professional digital concept developer and internet marketer since 2005 and hold a German M.Sc. in Media Informatics.

I have worked in the software, media and agency industry in interdisciplinary operative and management positions.

You can hire me via German award-wining interactive agency 21TORR.

I am 29, single and live in Stuttgart, Germany.

What is UX?

UX, short for user experience, describes the subjective quality of human-computer interaction, for instance on websites and apps.

A user’s perception of look, feel and usability of a computer product define its user experience.

As humans increasingly depend on computers, today user experience is being engineered by interdisciplinary professionals, who understand both, humans and computers. They are skilled in informatics, design, marketing, psychology.

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Christoph Käthe - Head of Consulting
@ fischerAppelt, tv media GmbH, DE

"Andreas Markus Hahn is an experienced web concept developer, who gets the most out of web presences thanks to innovative solutions and approaches." - April 25, 2013


SYNCING.NET - Internet Marketing Manager
@ SYNCING.NET Technologies GmbH, DE

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Excellent competence

Very good competence

Good competence

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Excellent competence

Very good competence

Good competence

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Professional Network

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User Experience

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Golden Rule #1

Only the work on oneself can lead to a meaningful life in the service of others.

Golden Rule #2

Improve computer powered communication from being the greatest issue of our time.

Golden Rule #3

If you’re in it, only trust a combination of both, intellect and intuition.

Golden Rule #4

Form follows function. - Louis Sullivan


Marco Krahmer - Head of Marketing
@ SYNCING.NET Technologies GmbH, DE

"(...) As Junior Marketing Manager Mr. Hahn (...) always directed and implemented (...) (dedicated) projects with great commitment and responsibility and a high level of routine and organization skills. (...)" - July 24, 2011

Diploma Thesis

"Optimierung des Online-Verkaufsgespräches für SYNCING.NET Technologies GmbH durch strukturelle Analyse des bisherigen Verkaufsgespräches, exemplarisches Usability-Testing und Erstellung eines Empfehlungs-Kataloges"